Wendy Davis family

Wendy Davis is a proud Hoosier, a military wife and mother, and the clear conservative choice for Indiana’s Third Congressional District.

Wendy is running for Congress to bring back the strong America she grew up in. For the past 12 years, Wendy has served as a Judge for the state of Indiana and was the first female Allen Circuit Court Judge. She took the gravity of her oath seriously, treating every case fairly and refusing to legislate from the bench. She had a duty to enforce the law as written, but her position gave her a unique perspective to see where the law needs to be changed to improve our community and country. Now, she’s asking Hoosiers to send her to Congress to change it. 

Wendy and her two siblings were raised in a home centered around Christ and immersed in the value of hard work. She was very close to her two siblings – both of her brothers taught her to work hard, keep her ethics above reproach, and believe in her ability to succeed. Her parents, L.D. and Joyce Williams, raised Wendy to believe in the American dream because their family was living it. Her father – the “hardest worker she has ever met” – came from very humble beginnings and worked his own way through college, eventually earning a Ph.D. 

Wendy was instilled with her father’s work ethic and determination. A product of Fort Wayne public schools, Wendy went on to attend Wheaton College in Illinois, where she met her future husband Scott. She continued her education at Valparaiso University School of Law, completing her J.D. at Saint Mary’s Law School in San Antonio, Texas when Scott began his active duty in the U.S. Army. 

Wendy and Scott were married in 1990 and raised their three children in Fort Wayne, with the children attending Canterbury School and Homestead High School. They attend Emmanuel Community Church in Fort Wayne.

As the daughter of a U.S. Army Reservist, the wife of a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Air Force – Indiana Air National Guard, and mother of a West Point graduate, Wendy is passionate about ensuring our service members have what they need to keep our country safe and our veterans are equipped with the resources they need for a successful transition back to civilian life. She is committed to making our American military strong once again to protect our freedoms and way of life. 

Wendy wants to restore America to the strong country she grew up in so we can leave a better America for her kids and for future generations. This starts with confronting the alarming embrace of a radical, divisive agenda pushed by the Left in our schools, corporations, and institutions. This “woke” ideology seeks to rewrite American history and undermine the very freedoms our nation was founded upon. Wendy believes that America is the most exceptional country in the history of the world, and we must teach our children to respect the United States Constitution and the freedoms it affords – the same Constitution Wendy has been upholding every day as a judge.

Wendy Davis family

Wendy recognizes the harm done to Hoosier families by President Biden and Washington Democrats’ agenda. Our economy is in shambles because of out-of-control liberal spending and inflation. Biden’s negligence has opened our border, and fentanyl is the leading cause of death in working-age Americans as a result. Rather than just complain and react to these problems as a judge, Wendy is determined to tackle these issues head-on and execute commonsense strategies that will actually help Hoosiers in their daily lives. After fighting fentanyl and illegal immigration in her courtroom for years, Wendy knows it is time for her to step out of the judiciary – where she can only react to problems on a case-by-case basis – and proactively take on these nationwide issues she is witnessing in Northeast Indiana.

In 2015, Governor Pence appointed Wendy to the Governor’s Task Force on Drug Enforcement, Treatment, and Prevention where she, along with other Indiana state officials and law enforcement, helped to implement statewide solutions to the drug crisis. She’s ready to take that experience to Congress and work to improve the lives of Hoosier families across Northeast Indiana.

Wendy believes in personal responsibility, small government, and low taxes. 

She will work to restore our economy and fight against socialist spending policies that hand your hard-earned money over to coastal elites. 

She will fight against the Left’s rejection of truth and ensure that girls’ sports are for girls only. 

She will be an unabashed voice for the voiceless in Congress and stand for the rights of unborn babies. 

And she will firmly defend the constitutional rights of all Americans, especially the Second Amendment. 

These are the issues that matter most to Wendy, and you can count on her to deliver.

Standing for Indiana Values

Wendy will firmly defend the Constitutional rights of all Americans, including the Second Amendment.

These are the issues that matter most to Wendy, and you can count on her to deliver.

Wendy Davis family