Wendy Davis believes that to get America back on track we must stand up to woke cancel culture, defend life, combat communist China, and strengthen our economy.


We are in the midst of a culture war, and Wendy is not afraid to fight for our Christian conservative Hoosier values. The Left seeks to rewrite our nation’s history and completely dismantle America and the values we were founded on. The Left believes they can bully Americans by shouting them down, but Wendy is not afraid to stand firm against the radical mob. As the first woman elected as Allen County’s Circuit Court Judge, Wendy understands that it’s important to empower others to succeed, but not at the cost of our values and objective truth. Wendy stands firmly against cancel culture and for common sense. Wendy recognizes the fact that biological men should not be able to compete in women’s sports, and will fight against any attempts to steal opportunities and scholarships from young women. She is adamantly opposed to gender reassignment surgery for minors and will always work to protect our kids.


Wendy is proudly 100% pro-life, and will fight for the rights of our innocent unborn in Congress. As a mother and faithful Christian, Wendy understands that all life is sacred and begins at conception. Our own Declaration of Independence – the document that informed the beginning of our nation – established that all are “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” The right to life is the most basic right, and Wendy will fight to ensure it is available for all. The pro-life movement made great strides this past year when Roe v. Wade was overturned, but Wendy recognizes there is much more work to do. She will fight for pro-life policies in Congress to protect the innocent and finally make America a country that respects the right to life.


Wendy understands that the Chinese Communist Party is the most clear and definitive threat to our national security and the freedoms we enjoy as Americans. Wendy believes it is vital to know who your allies and enemies are, and the CCP is clearly not an ally. Wendy will treat Communist China as the clear adversary that they are, and will never compromise on defending our freedoms from foreign enemies in Congress. Wendy’s husband currently wears an Air Force uniform and her oldest son wears an active duty Army uniform. The Davis family is a family of patriots that will fight together to keep America safe and strong.


Democrats’ reckless spending on socialist programs has run our economy into the ground with record-high inflation and soaring costs at the grocery store and gas pump. As a result, Hoosier families are struggling to get by and cover necessary expenses. Wendy firmly opposes big-government spending and will work to ensure hard working Americans can keep more of their hard-earned money. Wendy also believes that in order to bolster our economy, we must bring American jobs back to America and strengthen our manufacturing sector here at home. Wendy and her family balance their budget every year, and believe that Congress should do the same. A balanced budget will bring government spending under control and ensure our country’s fiscal health is secured for future generations.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, parents’ eyes were opened to the blatant liberal indoctrination that school systems were imposing on America’s children. Wendy is determined to fight for our kids to receive a fair and unbiased education free from the divisive agenda of the Left – like Critical Race Theory and the 1619 project. Wendy firmly believes the power of our schools lies in elected local school boards, coupled with parental rights – not the federal government. She knows that parents best know the unique educational needs of their children and should be given choices to find the education for their kids to grow and thrive.


Under the Biden administration our southern border is more porous than ever, leading to a humanitarian crisis. This negligence enables the cartel to smuggle illicit substances into our country, and into the 3rd District of Indiana, putting Americans in danger. Fentanyl is now the most prominent cause of death for working-age Americans, and Wendy has witnessed this first hand in her courtroom, presiding over cases dealing with mental health issues and addiction. This crisis is a direct result of Biden’s refusal to secure our border, and Wendy understands Congress must act to restore order at and the border and keep Americans safe. Wendy knows that border security is national security, and will fight to end the border crisis once and for all.


Agriculture and forestry are essential to Indiana’s economy, and Indiana farmers feed the world. Indiana’s family farms account for 95 percent of the state’s farms. Wendy will fight to get the federal government off farmers’ backs, and she’ll work to make sure the Farm Bill is just that: a Farm Bill. Wendy will always fight tooth and nail for Indiana’s agriculture and forest industry.